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5 tips for better sleep that you can read on your bright phone at 2AM

is vital to good health but studies find that 1 in 4 Canadian adults don’t get their recommended nightly amount of Z’s. So we’ve created this easy-to-read guide of tips for better sleep (specially designed with a bright, white background) that can be accessed at any time of the day or night but probably night. 

1. Relax. Try to do something that physically and mentally relaxes you, such as meditation, a warm bath, listening to calming music or scrolling through the deepest parts of the internet for the 9 hours until the sun rises in the east.

2. Create a Comfortable Sleep Environment. A comfortable sleep environment includes supportive mattress, fresh bedding, a pleasant temperature, and one of those 8ft charging cables so your phone stays plugged in no matter where you use it in bed. That way you can get the kind of restful sleep you can only get when your phone is lying on your nose and face.

3. Start a sleep diary. Many people find it helpful to track how much they are sleeping, when they wake up, and techniques that are successful. There are lots of great apps for this, which are really easy to update at 1AM and then again at 3AM.

4. Set a bedtime routine. Experts believe that following the same, set routine each night can help you better fall asleep. Everyone’s routine is different, but it might look something like this:
– 9:45pm Wash face and brush teeth.
– 10:00pm Read.
– 10:30pm Turn off lights.
– 10:31pm to 4:30am Fall down a wiki-wormhole and read the plot synopsis for every Friday the 13th movie.

5. Avoid screen time for 3 hours before bed. Turn on do not disturb mode. It doesn’t stop you from arguing with strangers about the whole night, but at least you can have it on.

If you follow these simple steps tips, you will fall asleep though sheer exhaustion and get a whole three hours sleep (cumulative over several days). Pleasant dreams!