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Students spend first day back decorating body bags for grandparents

MISSISSAUGA – In a back to activity designed to teach about actions having consequences, students spent the afternoon decorating body bags for their grandparents.

The art activity was done across the public school system, with requirements tailored to be age appropriate. Kindergarten students fingerpainted hearts onto the bags, while grades one to eight did collages of photographs and drawings for their loved ones to bring to the afterlife.

In addition to decoration, secondary school students were required to include an essay on why sending students to school and re-opening the economy outweighs the safety of all citizens, and in particular the lives of seniors.

“I want my grandparents to know how much I them before they get sick!” exclaimed Lucas. He then lifted his mask to show his big smile and a trickle of snot from his nose, which he wiped with the back of his hand and smeared on his desk.

While the activity was mostly done in good spirits, some students felt aggrieved.

“It wasn’t a fair project,” said Olivia. “I had to make four of them because all my grandparents are all alive, but Jack only had three to do since his grandfather in Florida died of over the summer.”

Happy faces were most evident in classes from kindergarten through grade four – primarily because younger students are not required to wear – and the first day was deemed a success.

“I love being back at school!” beamed Mia as she breathed in droplets from Liam.

At press time it was confirmed that all body bags were donated by the Ontario Society of Funeral Directors.