Kisko unveils new lambskin freezie that won't cut your mouth when you suck it dry - The Beaverton

Kisko unveils new lambskin freezie that won’t cut your mouth when you suck it dry

WOODBRIDGE, ON – Kisko announced a bold new change to its popular Mr. Freeze freezies that will see the sheath replaced with lambskin to protect customers’ mouths when they grip and rip the last drops of down their gullets.

“Everyone’s favourite part of the is slurping down the melted water that collects at the bottom of the sheath,” said Mr. Freeze spokesperson Jeff Bosh. “But we also know the sharp plastic edges can cause painful cuts on the side of your mouth. By replacing the plastic with soft, gelatinous lambskin we can all kiss that problem goodbye.”

Kisko says they struggled to find a suitable replacement material for several years. “Originally we tried , but customers found their mouths would dry out after a period of time,” said Bosh. “Then we tried a harder plastic casing, but we discovered that some overeager customers would squeeze too hard, causing the treat to burst and spray sticky sweet syrup all over their chests. So we decided to look backwards, and found lambskin provides a perfect, allergen free solution. We can’t wait for people to wrap their hands and mouths around it.”

Bosh was also quick to point out the environmental benefits of using reconstituted animal guts instead of single use plastic wrapping. “All the entrails are locally sourced from ethical farms. Consumers won’t have to worry about disposing of the completely edible sheaths. Just scrunch it up, pop it in your mouth, and you’re on your way.”

At press time, Kisko was exploring using other animal viscera in their products including bone popsicle sticks and a slurpee cup made of a cow’s stomach.