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Defunded police officer forced to buy own cocaine to plant on people

Camden, NJ – Faced with economic hardship since his city defunded the force seven years ago, local police officer Pete Garner has been forced to use his own for vital supplies, like the they plant on suspects who have done nothing wrong.

“Obviously it’s hard. I know the department should be providing these but when they don’t I just feel like I have to step up,” said Garner as he pulled the baggie of cocaine from a Black driver’s glove box that he had put there moments earlier. “Otherwise the community will suffer.”

“At least the force still covers the cost of cocaine for personal use,” he added with a sniffle.

As soon as Camden defunded the force officers began reporting problems obtaining the tools they need to do their jobs. Nightsticks dented on the heads of peaceful protestors haven’t been replaced, and attempting to pepper spray someone for “talking back” have often found their canisters empty. Plus they no longer get to drive souped up Ford Mustangs.

“We wouldn’t even have a tear gas budget if it weren’t for that raffle,” said chief of police Hendricks.

But Garner and his comrades aren’t willing to let their town down, so they have stepped up and bought what they could with their meagre, 0,000.00 a year salaries.

“it’s tough, but when I see the look on a perp’s face as I pull out the coke that will soon be his third strike I know it’s worth it,” said Garner.

Garner added that, as a special treat, he and his fellow officers are hoping to save up to buy to plant on people during the Holidays.