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5 best ways to celebrate frontline workers so you go viral

In these uncertain times that are so full of uncertainty we are all feeling an enormous amount of gratitude for the people at the frontlines of the fight against . And we want to find a way to express our gratitude in a way that is meaningful, important, and will be retweeted at least a thousand times. So, here are 5 great ways to honour frontline workers so you go !

1. Banging Pots and Pans

The classic. Nothing says ‘thank you for your service’ like a bunch of white people in the suburbs doing a worse version of Stomp. The only downside is this has already gone viral a few times so if you want to share it on his page, you’re gonna need to add some flare. Maybe get some cute banging the fuck out of a pot? Or add a dance? Do what you have to do!

2. Write And Perform An Original Song

If there is one thing and it’s amateur musicians singing at them. Plus if your song lyrics about ‘you do so much, I wish we could touch’ is catchy and/or hokey enough, Your Morning is sure to come calling. Pretty soon you’re the next Shawn Mendes, all thanks to COVID-19!

3. Post About A Donation You’ve Made To A Support Charity

Donating to a charity that is trying to help frontline workers and their families is all well and good. But the important part is to post about it on all social media platforms, including Pinterest and . Really let the world know you’re a good person and the world will reward you with a whole bunch of new followers.

4. Car Parade

Get a bunch of your instagram fam together and drive by a nurse’s house while honking as loud as you possibly can. Not only will she feel the love of a horn designed to warn people they are in imminent danger, but if you film it from the right angle you will be on the front page of youtube before you can say ‘noise violation.’

5. Support Their Efforts To Obtain Increased Pay And Needed

Just kidding. That shit never goes viral. Do it if you want though. Or don’t. Whatever.