New Museum exhibit shows what it would be like to see a T-Rex and a Velociraptor fuck - The Beaverton

New Museum exhibit shows what it would be like to see a T-Rex and a Velociraptor fuck

—- A stunning new exhibit at ’s Museum of Natural History has found a way to reinvigorate interest in science and delight visitors by showing them how it would look if a T-Rex and a Velocoraptor did it.

“With museum attendance waning, we’re looking at finding new ways to draw people in. I’m thrilled to say that the new exhibit, featuring two apex predators going to Bone Town on one another, has been a fantastic success,” explained museum spokesperson Jonas Mitchum.

The setting, which includes a full T-Rex and skeleton, also features an interactive diorama and headsets describing their hypothetical tryst.

“There is a lot we know about from the Jurassic era, but the fact is there is a lot we don’t know,” detailed Mitchum. “For example, we don’t know whether the was entirely carnivorous, or if it ever actually met a velociraptor. Maybe it found something incredibly attractive about the way the velociraptor swallowed its prey. Maybe the velociraptor never thought it would fall for a T-Rex, but there was just something about this tall stranger that really turned it on. Maybe the velociraptor’s roommate happened to be away, so the pair would have the entire cavern to themselves…for the whole night.”

“I , paleontology will inevitably involve some guess ,” he added, “though we are relatively certain the velociraptor was the top.”

While some visitors have reported surprise at the exhibit, most have been thrilled.

“Honestly, I thought dinosaurs were a little bit, you know, over,” 25-year-old patron Maura Wonrow told reporters. “But this new exhibit depicting a T-Rex and raptor banging one out has really opened up the of for me. Some aspects of nature are so wondrous you truly have to see them to appreciate them. Plus who could have predicted how much the T-Rex was into doggie style. I never learned that in science class!”

Following the enormous success of the program, the museum is reportedly considering expanding the exhibit to depict other interesting behaviors dinosaurs may or may not have engaged in.

“For example, what exactly did those supple, sexy plates on the stegosaurus evolve for? What could the triceratops could get up to with all those rigid, erect horns?” hinted Mitchum,

“The possibilities are endless.”