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Man worried about coronavirus still hasn’t gotten flu shot

TORONTO – Seth Radcliffe, who has not had a vaccine in the last five years, wants to know exactly what the governments of the world and the UN are doing to protect him from the new that has emerged in China.

“Sure, they say the risk of contracting this new coronavirus is low, and the risk of dying from it is even lower, but even a small risk is still a risk,” Radcliffe said in the middle of a flu season which has already killed thousands of people.

Radcliffe, 29, is very concerned that the Chinese and Canadian governments aren’t doing everything possible to prevent a pandemic like the SARS outbreak in 2003 that killed 774 people, a number representing approximately 0.0011-0.0026% of the hundreds of thousands of annual worldwide deaths caused by influenza.

“I’m just really worried about myself and my family, especially my grandma. I see her all the time and she’s so old and frail, I don’t think she could survive a potentially deadly illness like this new coronavirus,” Radcliffe lamented while remaining completely susceptible to contract and spread all of the variants of the flu which the vaccine would offer him protection from.

“I just hope these scientists finally get off their lazy butts and come up with a cure or something,” Radcliffe remarked on his way to buy toothpaste at the drugstore he visits weekly and which offers flu vaccines.

At press time, Radcliffe was seen writing an angry Facebook rant questioning the government’s current quarantine procedures on a public computer at work while rubbing his eyes and touching his mouth.