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In memoriam: The gloves we lost in 2019

We lost some of humanity’s best gloves and mittens in 2019. Here are just some of the best hand covers that we said good-bye to:

Sheep leather glove (left hand) – Lost at the airport after 15 years of loyal service.

Ski gloves (left and right hand) – Gone two hours after purchase, this pair was promising.

Mittens from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics (left hand) – Purchased from Zellers a decade ago when the store was still open, this patriotic mitt kept you warm in Canada’s cold until it was carelessly left at a house party in February.

Some kid’s glove (left or right hand) – We just found this one in a park, but it looks important as it is impressive. What a waste.

The thin kind – Even though it has a hole in the index finger, this workhorse was lost in November in the mitten basket, but is probably still there if you looked harder.

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