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5 TV shows you should watch before we all die

With leaving most of the world on , the US trying to start World War III, and vapes giving us all popcorn lung, there is only one thing to take comfort in – it will all be over soon. But before we’re all fried by a nuclear bomb and learn that the afterlife was a lie, there’s one last thing to do…

Enjoy humanity’s only good creation, !

1. The Masked Singer
This remake of a South Korean show has everybody on the edge of their seat, wondering which C grade is in which D grade costume. Do you really want your last thought before being vaporized to be “I wonder who Egg was?” Sure you do!

2. The Sopranos
With its masterful performances and brilliant writing, The Sopranos is a must-watch. Plus, as a roaming climate gang eats you and your family alive you can at least be grateful that your head wasn’t crush by a Ford Expedition. Aa an added bonus, The Sopranos’ ending where the screen suddenly cuts to black is a great metaphor for what will soon happen to all humans.

3. Freaks and Geeks
Although creator Paul Feig would go on to direct Bridesmaids, The Heat and the only good Ghostbusters, many believe he never bested this heartfelt and hilarious series. Also it’s only one season, and let’s face it, the end is coming pretty soon.

4. Fire Island
This one season classic from Logo in 2017 isn’t really a show you have to see before we’re nuked by slipping on the big red button. It’s just that I want someone else to talk with about how Patrick is absolute trash as we all slip into oblivion.

5. Entourage
This show is the worst, with its casual misogyny, shallow consumerism, and complete lack of artistic merit. But you should still watch this show because, after it, you’ll be genuinely excited for humanity to be wiped off the face of the planet. Enjoy!