Political correctness is waging the War on Boxing Day - The Beaverton

Political correctness is waging the War on Boxing Day


It’s that time of the year again where millions of Canadians come together on this sacred day spent either lounging, shopping, or in deep reflection on its meaning.

You’ll hear things like ‘Happy December Holidays,’ but you can’t help but feel that many are afraid of appearing politically incorrect if you greet a ‘Happy Boxing Day’ to a stranger. Some celebrate civic holidays or practice the Flag Day faith, but the truth is we live in a multi-secular holiday country and we all celebrate Boxing Day.

Across the world, there are billions of people who can’t celebrate Boxing Day because they live in oppressive countries where it’s not a statutory holiday. Here in Canada, schools sing holiday songs that don’t even mention the public holiday while politicians don’t hesitate to say ‘Merry Christmas’ without any consideration of the holiday that immediately follows it. 

The PC wants all of us to forget long tradition of the wealthy giving leftovers and rejected presents to their servants, or something like that.

Every Canadian should know the joy and magic of aimlessly wandering a crowded mall for hours trying to return an unwanted blender or nursing a hangover while watching The reruns on Netflix. 

But the oppression of countless Canadians who celebrate Boxing Day like me are real. It’s high time that we put the ‘box’ back in Boxing Day.