Ron MacLean accidentally nods while watching Hitler speech on YouTube - The Beaverton

Ron MacLean accidentally nods while watching Hitler speech on YouTube

Night in commentator accidentally caught himself nodding at an old speech this week, and wants to clarify that to him, nods mean nothing.

During his apology for nodding during ’s anti-immigrant rant, MacLean pointed out that “sitting quietly and nodding is what I’ve based an entire career on, and I think I’ve just gotten too good at it.”

He went on to explain that most of the time when Cherry talks, he is remembering that time ‘the astronaut man sang with the Barenaked Ladies,’ or ‘types of fun things to do with hot chocolate recipes.’

Later that evening, MacLean was watching old hockey highlights on YouTube, when the autoplay algorithm somehow landed on an old Hitler rally from WWII. Hands full with a half-knitted muffler and unable to immediately stop the video, MacLean was shocked and horrified to find himself nodding along with the incendiary speech.

Said MacLean, “Obviously, I don’t agree with Hitler, but when someone speaks I don’t know how to do anything other than nod. This morning I caught myself nodding at a man in the street shouting that the sun is a coward because it was hiding behind a cloud.” After a heavy sigh, MacLean added, ”The sun is no coward.”

MacLean has promised to investigate options to curb his rampant nodding, such as spinal surgery to restrict the mobility of his cranium, which would limit his options for approval expression to a traditional thumbs up.
At press time, MacLean was spotted nodding at a dog vigorously licking its own genitals.