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Last green leaf patiently awaits death

– After weeks of watching all of its brethren slowly expire around it, the last green still alive in the province of B.C. is stoically preparing for its own imminent death.

“I’ve learned you can’t fight the inevitable,” the leaf said, taking a moment to turn itself ever so slightly to catch a weak ray of November sunshine. “All you can do it enjoy the small moments you have left.”

The maple leaf, which also goes by the name Brian Fairbanks, is spending what it knows will be its last moments reflecting on its life and using its remaining chlorophyll to continue to convert sunlight into food for the tree which has decided to kill it in order to survive the coming .

“I was angry at first when I realized what was happening, we all were. But I’ve had time, so much time to reflect while watching everyone around me slowly die, and I’ve made peace with what’s happening,” the leaf said. “I can’t blame the tree. I can’t say I wouldn’t make the same decision if I were in its roots. We all cling to life. The trick is learning when to let go. Like the tree shedding its leaves, I’ve learned to shed my fear.”

“It’s not always easy. Some days I look down and see the piles of the dead, and I admit, it disturbs me, knowing that soon I will join them. But perhaps I’ll be one of the lucky ones, and I’ll go on a gust of wind, soar through the air like a bird. The others looked so happy when they went that way.”

“Maybe, in my last moments, I’ll finally get to see the ocean,” it said, looking west with hope and awe.

Despite multiple attempts, the tree could not be reached for comment.