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Misogynistic vandal promptly given job at Rebel Media

OTTAWA – The individual responsible for vandalizing ’s office with a hate-filled message towards all women in has been offered employment by as a reporter.

“Whoever you are, please join my team,” said Rebel Media Founder whose far-right media outlet has repeatedly called the Environment and Climate Change Minister ‘Climate Change .’ “We welcome this kind of it’s-a-man’s-world behaviour. Or as we call it, ‘journalism.’”

Rebel Media already has a dedicated 24 hour channel with 12 reporters, 6 columnists, and a helicopter dedicated to obsessively ridiculing every detail of what McKenna does including her commuting by bike “in high heels and a skirt.”

Hiring managers were impressed at the vandal’s ability to spell a four letter slur without an error making him fully qualified for any position at Rebel Media.

“If there’s a woman who dare speaks on issues such as climate change, we know this new crusader will help chase her out of politics,” added Levant about the MP who now is required to have a round-the-clock security detail to protect her.

At press time, The Rebel was busy publishing its own story on the incident titled “She Was Asking For It.”