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Local man recounts incredible tale of discovering new podcast

– After surviving almost an entire week with nothing more than a three hour interview of Pete Holmes on The Joe Rogan Experience, humble office manager Dale Eckerd miraculously located a he was previously unaware of.

“I was on the verge of pulling out my ear buds and taking in the serene sounds of nature”, Eckerd recounted breathlessly to his workmates. “But that was a fate worse than death. So I soldiered on and Googled ‘best podcasts you haven’t heard but need to’.”

“It was that, or to listening to an audiobook,” Eckerd added, forebodingly.

Though his account has yet to be fully verified, Eckerd claims that he spent almost an entire twenty minutes hunched over his iPhone, wading through endless podcasts featuring three buddies “just talking about movies”. It was at this tenuous point that he was able to uncover a recommendation by Reddit user RadioLabRat84 for a podcast “more addictive than .”

“Apparently the thing has been out for over five years but I swear no one I know has ever mentioned it to me.”

Despite being unable to give a meaningful description of what the podcast was about, Eckerd spent a tedious amount of time trying to put the listening experience into words. This, before continuing to bring the tale up to colleagues, friends, and baristas for the next three weeks.

“It’s like S-Town”, explained Eckerd, adding, “But it’s also like with Marc Maron. You know what, you just need to listen to it for yourself.”

“It’s definitely got an Endy mattress ad. Does that narrow it down?” Eckerd added.

When asked what the podcast was called, Eckerd struggled to remember, simply replying, “Popscape Media? Or Mediascape Pop? Something like that?”

At the time of this article Erkard had listened to the entire back catalog of the new discovery and was contemplating creating his own podcast about his journey.