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Cute dog on street delays mental breakdown by 50 minutes

KAMLOOPS, BC – A man’s mental breakdown was put on hold for nearly an hour today, after coming into contact with Wellesley, a Pembroke Welsh , while waiting for the bus.

“Awwwww!” exclaimed Trevor Stanfield, as the stumpy little dog’s adorable face unwittingly relocated a cosmically scheduled store parking lot crying session to his privacy of his apartment instead.

After asking her owner for her name, Stanfield gave Wellesley pets and unconsciously delayed the horrible impending mental collision of family, relationships, and work life that this dog could never possibly comprehend.

“Woof woof!” Wellesley commented, adding several pants and a face-lick to the man who, regardless of the warm affection, would still be screaming into a and calling up old friends that night, only a little later than previously expected.

“Thank you so much,” Stanfield said to the unnamed owner, continuing “Bye Wellesley!” in a higher tone of voice to the friendly pup, who would forget this man almost immediately, as they are a dog unburdened with the and that humans deal with every single day.

Stanfield then sat back at the bus stop, enjoying a brief moment of calm and contentment before slowly retreading over all the things that would make his night the mentally scarring event it was destined to be, only 50 minutes later than it should have been.

Incoming reports indicate that next week’s impending to be right on time.