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Lone actress in war drama proud to represent only woman who participated in WWII

LOS ANGELES – Oscar-winning actress Catherine Lynette was honoured to play the only woman in a cast of 50 in a dramatic new film about , War Hath No Fury.

“They asked me to read for her and I was like, ‘Who?’” laughed Lynette, referencing Isabella Starling, the woman upon whom her character is based. “But her depiction in the film is unbelievable. I mean, she was a , , factory worker, driver, and fighter pilot, all at the same time? No wonder she was the only woman in the entire war to stand up to gender norms and say ‘I’m not just a woman- I want to help’. If only more of them had followed her lead, could have started earlier.”

“We really strove to be as historically accurate as possible,” explained Martin Lombardo, the film’s director. “My writers even collaborated with a team of World War II historians. I mean, I assume they did. Anyway, her plot line really shows her important contribution to the war, wherein she falls in love with the main character and then dies, giving him the motivation he needs to win World War II.”

While the film is being lauded for its feminist spin, not everyone is happy with the inclusion of a female character. Internet message boards and review sites were swarmed with negative comments months before the film’s premiere.

“This is just another example of SJWs forcing their agendas where they don’t belong,” wrote edgelordTim_19 on the film’s page. “This is a movie about war. Why pretend a woman was involved at all? Everyone knows they all just stayed home waiting for their husbands, staring dramatically out of windows and shit. #boycott”

At press time, Lynette was in talks to play , the little-known but supportive wife of a brilliant scientist in a film about his journey to win the Nobel Prize in physics.

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