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Terrible time capsule buried by previous homeowners just contains dog bones

EDMONTON — When you move into a new , you’re bound to come across a few forgotten treasures. Jenny Weber and her family weren’t so lucky when they discovered a in their recently purchased backyard — instead of old pictures, news clippings or messages, it just contained dog bones!

“We were installing the foundations for our new deck when we found it,” said Jenny, “I called the over to check out the cool box, and my daughter was the one who figured out it was a time capsule. But when we opened it, it was just a dog skeleton, and it wasn’t even well preserved”. What a disappointment!

Jenny’s husband Jim shares her feelings: “I don’t understand why anyone would bury a time capsule without sealing it properly. A lot of dirt got in, and the box itself was in terrible condition. That’s what happens when you don’t think ahead to when people are going to dig this thing back up again”. You tell ‘em, Jim!

Meanwhile, 14 year old Erin is looking for clues, just like Nancy Drew! “The name on the box said Max,” she says, “so I’m pretty sure that’s who buried it”.

But why dog bones? Jim thinks the previous residents may have been veterinarians, but Jenny has another theory: “It could be a cultural thing! There’s a lot of weird cultures out there!”

The Webers aren’t going to let the mystery get the better of them, and they have a plan: “We got the new address of the former residents from our neighbours,” says Jenny, “We’re going to reach out to them for answers. And you know what? We might just turn up and surprise them with their time capsule!”