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Report: Door not as heavy as expected

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI – Despite being large and made of heavy-looking glass, a report released Monday has concluded that the door to Belle’s Yoga Studio on Belvedere Ave. is way lighter than you expect, causing most people who enter the business to open the door far too quickly, hitting the wall-stop with an embarrassingly loud thud. “Oh wow, I guess I’m working out too much,” the report awkwardly stated, co-authored by over 56 patrons who have all accidentally made a big, unexpected commotion just by opening a door too fast. “Ha ha. Is this thing made of plastic or something?” hypothesized the paper, only to later discern that the door is, indeed, made of glass, but somehow feels like it weighs, like, only a pound. At press time, the authors of the report plan to expose the door at Roaster’s Coffee House on University Ave. as a push door, despite the handles clearly suggesting it’s a pull door.

Image via Deposit Photos