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Parents update password to latest dog

VANCOUVER, BC – In a surprising move, Kevin and Sue Dikkers have updated their computer passwords to the latest family .

‘Frances!1’ replaces ‘Benji!1’ a long running in held in honour of the family goldendoodle, and dating back to the era when couple’s children still lived at home. Benji held the title of bearer for seventeen years, despite being being put down after losing a short battle with parvovirus.

“This’ll keep the out,” Kevin asserted proudly to nobody in particular as he punched in the new security measure using only his index fingers.

The move came after an update to their iPad which required the couple to reenter the password for their KevNSue Dikkers’ shared account. Kevin’s top pick of password was disallowed on technical grounds of being too short, containing no letters and for being his old number. Another favourite among the parents was blocked by for being the word ‘,’

Five hours of deliberation resulted in an accord that received unilateral support. Frances, the couple’s seven-year-old ‘Brampton Special’ rescue dog would become the new password.

The new password comes into effect immediately on the couples Desktop 7 computer, their email address but not on their wifi network.

A backup copy of the password is located somewhere around the custom computer desk that Kevin revarnished seven years ago. Sources close to the family believe the location to be a stuck to the bottom the mousepad.

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