Disgusting! Doctors performed surgery on this man and discovered his body was full of blood! - The Beaverton

Disgusting! Doctors performed surgery on this man and discovered his body was full of blood!

REGINA – In a story so unbelievable, it has to be true, doctors out in Regina, opened up a patient’s abdomen as part of an appendix operation and made a totally gross discovery. It was full of !

And not just his stomach-area. The doctors explored further to see what the rest of his insides looked like and found blood absolutely everywhere. In fact, there wasn’t even a single part of his body that didn’t have blood in it somewhere. How does that even happen?!

The hospital’s Chief of , Dr. Heather Uxbridge, described her reaction: “Sure, I was expecting to find some nasty stuff in there but nothing as ghoulish as blood! And it was everywhere. For example, there wasn’t any blood in his lungs when we started but the moment we started poking them with our sharp instruments, they just filled up!

Doctors theorize that maybe the patient consumed several litres of blood in the past and never noticed that it didn’t exit his body. In response, the patient’s family said that he had a normal and so they have no idea how blood got into his body, let alone that much. However, the doctors remain skeptical at this explanation since there’s no realistic way something like blood could get in there without the patient knowing.

I , we’ve all nicked our finger and seen a little blood, but this is just ridiculous!!!

“I thought we’d see something normal in there, like the chocolate milkshake we told him to drink before the operation, but this takes the cake,” said Uxbridge, “In 30 years of performing this kind of surgery, this has never happened to me.”

“They sure don’t tell you about this in medical !”, she continued.

After finding the “ocean” of blood inside of the patient, doctors immediately removed as much of it as they could in order to prevent any negative health consequences. Unfortunately, it looks like they didn’t act fast enough, as the patient died right after the procedure was done. Sad.

Still, this story just makes us gag at what might be swimming around in our own bodies. What’s next? Bones?!