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BC business leaders worry new climate plan does too much of not enough

VANCOUVER – The BC business community is cautioning that the BC government has put forth a climate plan that doesn’t go nearly far enough to address the catastrophic threat of global warming and that’s too far.

“It’s not that we don’t like aspects of the plan,” said business lobbyist Chase Peabody. “Obviously, the way it ignores the massive amounts of carbon that will be released should the province go ahead with its plans to become a LNG hub is exactly the kind of thinking we like to see, but other aspects of the plan trouble us in that they exist.”

“Anything is less preferable than nothing.”

Peabody is concerned that in the areas where the plan does attempt to address climate change, BC will lose business to countries that not only aren’t paying lip service to tackling climate change but are actively applauding it.

“This plan is one step forward, two steps back, and it’s going to alienate businesses that would prefer a one step forward, ten steps back approach,” Peabody says. “If we don’t lower our standards now, we might find ourselves at a competitive disadvantage. When my grandchildren are wandering the desert wastes of hothouse Earth, I want them to know the plastic bottles they have to wade through to get to the last river were made right here in Canada.”

The BC government, in an attempt to placate the business community, is promising that should the LNG project fall through, they will start paying the company shareholders thousands in subsidies for the carbon they personally release by breathing.

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