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Taco Bell introduces Cheesy Gordita Trough

Irvine, CA – Building on some of their most popular menu items and the basest instincts of their customers, unveiled their newest menu item, the Cheesy Gordita Trough.

“We took the things that everyone likes about Taco Bell; salt, fat and crunch, and put them into a brand new dish,” stated head of product development Jeniah Kolls. “We wanted to create something original that still made consumers think ‘that sounds like a thing Taco Bell would do’

“Some have asked if it is intended for parties but I can assure them it is an item for individuals,” he added.

The Cheesy Gordita Trough consists of a pillowy flatbread, coated with a signature three blend, a hard taco shell, your choice of beef or chicken paste, iceberg lettuce and zesty Pepper Jack Baja Sauce all placed carefully inside a 3 foot long feeding trench made from Doritos Locos Taco shell that allows for easy, hand free . The item comes in at 12,000 calories although Taco Bell is offering a low calorie version that removes the iceberg lettuce.

Kolls said she was inspired to create the dish after visiting the factory farm where Taco Bell sources their beef from. “Seeing all those cattle unable to move, being shocked by cattle prods everytime they stopped eating, it reminded me of all our loyal customers” stated Kolls.

“It’s about as easy to make as all the other stuff on the menu the only difference is you have to keep shovelling the food into the trough as the customers are eating,” reported employee Amir Jenkins. “Also you have to make sure the trough as close as possible to the bathrooms. And a tarp, I forgot about the tarp we put down on the ground when people order it.”

“I love Taco Bell but I’ve always felt like their hasn’t been enough of it.” declared self proclaimed Taco Bell aficionado Felipe Dennis. “So I’m glad Taco Bell has improved on the only shortcoming their food had, the volume.”

The item cost $6.99 by itself or $7.49 in a combo that includes includes the Cheesy Gordita Trough, 3 bean and cheese burritos, a fries supreme and a 103 ounce drink. For those who would like it to go, it comes in a convenient feeding bag that attaches behind the ears and allows for constant, on the go dining.

Meanwhile, sister company has introduced a similar item with the Popcorn Chicken Abyss. The slogan of which is ‘When you look into the Popcorn Chicken Abyss, the Popcorn Chicken Abyss stares back at you.’