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Vancouver School Board worried that learning will get in the way of film productions

VANCOUVER – The Vancouver School Board has expressed concerns regarding the safety and productivity of film crews and the negative effects the returning student body will have on them this school year.

“They’re loud, brash, and leave garbage everywhere,” Superintendent Suzanne Hoffman said about the rambunctious students. “Also they smell.”

The concerns began when students arrived on set at the beginning of September, carrying books for studying and being on school grounds to get an education, because apparently it is the law.

At Point Grey Secondary, students were found taking an exam in the assigned green room of the stars of , who then had to standby while the students were cleared out to finish in the 7-Eleven parking lot across the street. Problems reached their peak at Britannia Secondary once students began to wear brand name hoodies and talked to their friends at a low volume instead of mouthing words to imitate talking without noise like the rest of the background actors.

“The safety of the students is our first priority,” says film executive Jazz Delfiglio. “But also they really have to stop bothering Dylan Sprouse; he’s been through enough already.”

Film crews have been using various methods to deter students from approaching sets to try to get autographs. The greens department placed bushes strategically around Lord Byng Secondary so Stars could hide when would walk by. One grip wore a red wig and lead a hoard of screaming students away from the actual KJ Apa, and dressed up as and walked around the school razzing students not as a defense but just cause he felt like it. So far the methods have been successful.

If you are at a school and spot a student, back away slowly, and call your local wildlife centre at 1-800-TEENS-R-SCARY