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STUDY: Sunbeam through window proves cat dusty

OTTAWA – Vexing people with allergies, a series of afternoon sunbeams through a window have proven that a local cat emits a surprising number of dust particles after moving or scratching itself, this according to a study released Wednesday.

Despite constant grooming, the study found thousands of motes of dust released from Oscar, a 5-year-old mixed breed cat. Due to perfect viewing conditions on a particularly sultry summer afternoon,  the authors were able to measure that up to half of the cat’s body weight was just dust, making him, as the study notes, “very dusty”

“This discovery is more compounding evidence that cats act like static magnets,” said Dr. Karl Martin, adding that more hot sunny days will be needed to prove statistical validity. “We’ll focus further research on the origin of this dust, looking into the hypothesis that these cats raid old tombs when let out, or simply peruse the old books section at the library.”

“It’s still a mystery.”

At press time, the cat has found himself beneath the couch where, sources say, absolutely no one has vacuumed in years.

Image via Pixabay