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Proud furry activist reminds everyone that humans are technically also animals

GRANBY, QC – In an effort to find a common ground with the general public, a local furry has started a campaign to remind others that humans are technically also animals.

Furries, a term colloquially used to define a group of people who find sexual pleasure in dressing up as animals, have long been mocked for their unusual preferences and behaviour. Chuck Elitat – who goes by the “fursona” “Snarls Bu-cat-ski” – hopes to put an end to that.

“A lot of people find it strange that many like me enjoy dressing up in fursuits for the purpose of formication,” stated Elitat while wearing a comically large lion costume. “But let me ask you this, who among us didn’t spend the 90’s wanting to fuck Lola Bunny or the animated fox Robin Hood? Even Disney princess Ariel is half fish. I rest my case.”

Hoping to remove the stigma behind investing hundreds of dollars in mascot-like costumes typically reserved for college sporting events, Elitat and his ensemble look to raise awareness of the idea that any sort of grooming, fashion, or stylistic behaviour is ultimately just the act of dressing up as a human in an effort to get laid.

“Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of shoes that match your belt, or the sexiest curly tail you can find, we’re all just trying to accessorize in a way that turns others on,” remarked Elitat. “To me, a perfect world exists in embracing our animalistic sexuality.”

While few expect this campaign to convert many to furry fandom, proponents of the movement believe it will at least highlight how at the end of the day we’re all just looking to dress to impress to fuck.

Image via Deposit Photos