Meditation class helps local man be present in the shitty, shitty moment - The Beaverton

Meditation class helps local man be present in the shitty, shitty moment

Salmon Arm, BC – Local resident Tobias Efinggs is praising a recent mediation course as truly helping him to be more mindful and live in the terrible, awful present.

“I used to spend my time worrying about what might go wrong in the future,” said Efinggs. “But I realized I was missing all the things that were going wrong here and now, like how I haven’t had a since my divorce. Every time I sit down to meditate in the morning I stop worrying about the day ahead and I start focusing on how bad my posture is or how I can breathe easier out of one nostril then the other.”

“It used to seem like Tobias was sleepwalking through life but since meditating he really appreciates every single misery life has to offer from the geopolitical to the personal, like how egg yolk feels on your hand when you wash dishes” stated Efinggs sister Nela.

The class at Medit8 and ’s Dance Studio teaches participants to become more mentally clear and emotionally calm with techniques such as sitting, breathing and eye closing. The studio strives to make everyone aware just how garbage their current situation is by playing clips of the news while people recite their personal Mantra.

“Meditation is a spiritual practice that can only be mastered by years of hard work and guided introspection” said Medit8 director Chad Gordon “Or by listening to a series of mediation We also recently got in a George Harrison sitar LP.”

Efinggs spent his latest meditation session focusing on his that he wasn’t meditating correctly.