Local Dad reaches that age where he smells like a damp library - The Beaverton

Local Dad reaches that age where he smells like a damp library

WINNIPEG – As he enters his late 50s Henry Adamson, father of three and grandfather of two, has, like so many before him, started to like an old that recently experienced flooding.

“This is a natural part of the aging process,” said Dr. Ann Douglas of . “Woman go through menopause, and men wake up one morning smelling like thousands of musty books.”

“It’s actually quite beautiful if you think about, although that does not make standing next to them any easier,” she added.

‘Moist book smell’ is not the only option for men as they Some smell more like the fluids they use at Goodlife gyms. Others go for more of a ‘moldy bread’ style. Still others develop a scent that can only be described as ‘like what would happen if a wet dog and a skunk hung out.’ But whatever the specifics the consistent result is that 100% of old men stink very, very badly.

“Obviously it’s hard to see you parents getting older. Now that he’s reached the ‘smell’ phase, we know he might not have that much time left. Also breathing through your mouth is harder than you realize,” said daughter Shirley.

For his part Mr. Adamson was just relieved none of his family members could smell the he had just finished smoking.