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New trending diet aims to make you a dinner party nightmare

TORONTO – As a result of the skyrocketing popularity of the “Ooo I can’t have that” , Canadians all over the country are making healthier decisions and ultimately becoming catering nightmares.

Abbreviated to OICHT, the diet is described as “ meets without any of the spiritual meaning or toxins,” and has been adopted by all of your maintenance friends.

Dr. Kenneth Schoch, a bariatric physician, explained that scientific research has proven that the silent groans of an exasperated dinner host quickens metabolism. “Also don’t forget that not being able to eat anything that’s being served also cuts down calories.”

The diet is said to be most effective when dieters roll their eyes when the dinner host is trying their best.

Dr. Schoch dismissed any commentary suggesting that the OICHT diet is a as it is supposed to change far too often for anyone to predict your dietary requirements.

“The diet’s philosophy lies in embracing our evolutionary ancestors,” Dr. Schoch explained. “They didn’t have access to clean, purified water or dinner parties – are we putting our bodies in trouble by embracing those things?”

At press time, Dr. Schoch said that OICHT dieters can begin their days -free or only , as anything in between with make their gut produce bad-bad-spooky-toxins.

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