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How can Cristiano Ronaldo be the greatest footballer of all time when he’s never won a Super Bowl?

EDITORIAL by Your High School Football Coach, Mr. Hapsfield

I’ve been a fan of the great sport of football for my entire life, and lately a bunch of people are talking about this Cristiano Ronaldo guy being the greatest of all time. Well if he’s so great, let me ask you this. How many Super Bowl’s has he won? Zero. So he must suck.

I’m not going to lie, at first I had never heard of the guy. So I assumed he was some AFC punter or some shit, but after a quick yahoo search I find out the guy plays in the European leagues. So not only has he never won a Super Bowl, but he can’t even make it to the NFL? Seriously, how dare anyone say he’s the GOAT when Cristian Ronaldon’t over here is out in Europe playing for the Argonauts or whatever other European teams there are. If you’re looking to be impressed by low tier football players then go watch my son put up 10 tackles a game in his full contact 4th graders league.

Someone told me he wears number 7 which means he’s a quarterback or kicker, which also means he probably can’t take a tackle to save his life. I bet he goes down and stays down, just like all the wimps of today’s game. The NFL hasn’t seen a good player in over a decade, never mind someone deserving of being named the greatest ever!

I’m just saying that until this Christopher Ronald guy can come play here in America and put up the kind of numbers that Troy “3 Superbowls in 4 years” Aikman did in the greatest league on Earth, then I’ll never consider him to be anywhere near the top. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t understand how the game is played. The guy doesn’t even have any rings! It doesn’t matter how fancy your highlight reel is, if you’re not a proven winner then you’re a nobody!

History is written by the winners, that’s why all the books about war are written in American. Until Mr Crispychicken Ranchero shows us he can win, then he’ll never make it into the hall of fame. I don’t care how good his euro-league numbers look.

Image via Pixabay