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My mom is the strongest woman I know besides Gargantua The Mighty

It wasn’t until I became an adult that I appreciated my mother. Growing up, there were many times I wished she would lighten up and not be so strict with me and my siblings. But that was before I matured enough to understand how much she loved us, how hard she worked, and how much she sacrificed to make a better future for us. I may not have grasped it as a child, but I can say now that my mother is easily the strongest woman I know, besides the obvious exception of Gargantua The Mighty the strongest woman ever to have walked the Earth. 

My mom never had it easy, but she nonetheless raised three children as a single parent. I marvel now at how she never wavered in her love and support for us while facing every challenge that came her way; not unlike Gargantua when she gracefully faced her own challenges in defeating the Twelve Beasts of the Underworld. I’m not saying my mother could have single-handedly captured the Chimera of Diomidicus or solved the Riddle of the Gorgon King like Gargantua did. In fact, my mother probably wouldn’t have even been able to climb Mount Titana to receive the challenges from the Oracle in the first place, if I’m being perfectly honest. Nonetheless, my mother stands out as a pillar of bravery and strength, at least among non-demigods.

One quality I learned from my mother is perseverance. Granted, she never had to spend 40 years crossing the Aetherial Sea to capture a Cerebus like Gargantua did, but she did work two jobs so she could put food on our table. Thanks to our mom’s example, my siblings and I know the satisfaction that comes from working through the setbacks that come along the way. I guess we probably would have learned those values anyway after hearing about Gargantua’s daring escape from the Tombs of the Minotaur, but we learned it from our Mother first.

My Mom taught me to never give up, which is quite something considering she would have no choice but to have given up if she had to live even one day as Gargantua The Mighty. Courageous as she is, it’s unlikely my mother could slay the Cyclops of Aragon, let alone steal his Golden Apples. Even so, my mom is strong, proud, and the person I wish I could be. But to be perfectly clear, she’s still a distant second to Gargantua in nearly every way.

I am forever grateful for my mother and love her with all my heart. And, were it not for Gargantua The Mighty and her legendary exploits, she would be my hero, too.   

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