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Westworld Season 2 Spoilers: The Park is just the Man in Black’s finished basement

As Season 2 of premiers, here are a few choice spoilers the Beaverton has obtained:

1) The Park is just the ’s Finished basement

You’ll notice in Season 1, lots of questions were left open about the exact location of the Park. However, as we will see in Season 2, the expansive, immersive theme park seen in Season 1 is in fact located inside the Man in Black’s spacious basement. Look for the split-level stairs leading up to his living room in episode 2!

2) Delos’ secret plan for the Hosts’ data is to get women equal pay

Tessa Thompson’s cryptic scenes as the hard-driving Executive Director of Delos’ board left a lot of questions about what the corporation’s endgame really is. Turns out, it’s to end the wage gap that has persisted for far too long.

3) The Hosts in Shogun World only talk in Caddyshack quotes

Showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have introduced a whole new conceptual level with the introduction of Shogun World, which they say was influenced by the close relationship classic Westerns have to Samurai films. What viewers may not have guessed yet is that the Hosts in this as yet unexplored park are programmed to communicate solely through dialogue from the 1980 comedy blockbuster Caddyshack, bringing a whole new level of meta-commentary to the series.

4) In addition to Wyatt, Delores’ consciousness has been merged with the Disney Hall of Presidents’ animatronic Teddy Roosovelt

Learning that Delores had been merged with Wyatt was one of the biggest shocks of season 1. But another shock nobody could have anticipated is that in addition to spouting portentious rants, Delores will also be dispensing clever yet firm aphorisms originating from the digital consciousness of Teddy Roosevelt.

5) Every human in the Park is a host and Westworld is a futuristic theme park for wealthy horses

While Ford may appear to have sided with the Hosts, in Season 2 we learn that the real heroes of the series–Westworld’s horses–have been hidden in plain sight all along.