Liberals backtrack on their promise to only backtrack on 50% of their promises - The Beaverton

Liberals backtrack on their promise to only backtrack on 50% of their promises

– Justin ’s Liberal Party continues to find the reality of governing more difficult than making promises. After electoral reform and environmental protection they are now walking back their commitment to only abandon 50% of the things they said they would do during the 2015 election campaign.

“Friends, I know that, in the heat of the campaign I promised you all that my government would do 50% or more of the things we said we would definitely do,” said Trudeau while touring Alberta’s oil sands. “But that may have been a little unrealistic.”

“But I can promise that if given another mandate in 2019, we will make good on at least 65% of our promises, unless that promise falls into the 35% of promises we don’t end up doing!”

seized on Trudeau’s admission.

never failed to deliver on his promises. Sure he didn’t really do anything, but he never promised to do anything either,” said .

Even Liberal supporters are a bit disappointed by their party, noting that the Chretien government always managed to maintain a positive promises made to promises abandoned ratio. However the Trudeau team was quick to point out that was in a pre-social media age, when leaders didn’t have to make 10 or more promises on each day.

The failure could not come at a worse time for Trudeau, who is struggling to re-build support after a series of missteps including unpopular tax reforms, a failed town hall tour and a huge drop off in the number of listicles being written about how hot he is.