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25-year-old coworker can’t believe you’re 30

MILTON – Sources have confirmed that despite your numerous assurances and even a brief viewing of your driver’s license, Lisa Eaton, your 25-year-old coworker, cannot believe you are 30

“Are you serious? You’re not just like rounding up?” Eaton reportedly asked. “So, you graduated high when I was only in grade 8? Jeez, that’s just amazing!”

“What was it like watching the first few seasons of Friends when it was actually on ,” she added.

Although initial reports suggested that Eaton, who herself will be in only 4.5 years, might have been feigning her disbelief, further analysis indicates that the 25-year old sincerely cannot fathom that your twentieth birthday occurred over ten years ago and you are in fact 30 years old.

Despite her shock, Eaton remained courteous and was quick to add that she “never would have known” you are 30, before pausing to again state that she just could not get over the fact that you are 30 and asking if you listened to cds growing up.

Eaton continued to ask numerous questions about your life experiences as someone who is 30, including what the first dance at your prom was, if you remember when died, and what it was like to just you know, have made it this far.

At press time, your 45 year old could not believe you were only 30.