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Local time-traveler worried he’s becoming his father

, 1973 – scientist Carey Holton says as he grows older and travels more and more through time, he’s concerned that he’s becoming the one thing he said he never would: his .

“At first it was little things. My started thinning in the same places, I started the same brand of whiskey,” said Holton. “But now I’m living in the same house he bought in the 1970s and I have an identical scar on my right shoulder. I promised myself I’d never be like him!”

Holton points to other examples of his father’s behaviour, like his boring bird watching hobby and his obsession with relativity theory and temporal displacement, that are now showing up in his own life.

“After my dad spent years ignoring me to on his stupid time machine I told myself that my life would be different,” said Holton. “And yet what did I do last weekend instead of planning an anniversary dinner? Time machine. God, it’s like this whole family is stuck in some kind of loop.”

“I even married a woman with the exact same name as my mother. What is wrong with me?”

However, Holton says he has high hopes for his son, who he believes is receiving a far better upbringing that his father ever gave him.