Unknown generation sought for questioning after brutal murder of local industry - The Beaverton

Unknown generation sought for questioning after brutal murder of local industry

THE CITY – Following the shocking murder of an aging , police are seeking an unknown for questioning about the crime.

“At this point, the generation we’re looking for not a suspect, just a cohort of interest,” Detective Harry Thompson said. “But we do need to talk to the generation so it can account for its actions, both during the time of the murder and also in general.”

Witnesses say the generation in question was behaving strangely before the murder by refusing to interact with the slain industry in the usual manner, some even saying it was like the generation had no concern for the industry’s wellbeing whatsoever.

“For this to happen to an industry that was just going about its business like it always has, it’s very upsetting,” community leader Blanche Jacobs said. “You never expect something like this to happen to an industry you know.”

“This is the kind of thing that happens to steamship manufacturers or phonograph makers, not the industries I grew up with.”

At press time, the police had released an artist’s rendering of the sought generation, depicting a large group of people staring at their cellphones while not owning their own homes.

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