How long will Zimbabwe have to wait for its first female maniacal despot? - The Beaverton

How long will Zimbabwe have to wait for its first female maniacal despot?

By: Rebecca Birch, President of the International Society for Enfranchisement of Women Dictators

For a beautiful fleeting moment after announced plans to step down, and before he was confined to house arrest by his generals in a historic coup, it looked like might finally get, in the form of the ruler’s wife , its first female tyrant.

Naturally, this was not to be. As his former cronies lined up a successor from within their own ranks, many are forced to ask the question we’ve grown really tired of hearing in 2017: when will we finally see a corrupt, morally bankrupt woman in charge of a country’s dictatorship?

Grace Mugabe is as two-faced, merciless and power-hungry as any male vying to take her husband’s place. The position would rightfully be hers if not for the same gold plated glass ceiling lined with AK47s that women around the world have been dealing with since the 80s. Isn’t it about time that we saw a woman ordering the execution some journalists without receiving the approval of her more powerful husband?

It behooves us as globally-minded, progressive totalitarians to stand up and say we’ve had enough. To rebel against the establishment (that is itself rebelling against the dictatorship), and not rest until a woman is drinking champagne from the bronzed skull of a political rival while her country starves around her.

Girls run the world, and it’s time they ran Zimbabwe with a terrifying iron fist.

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