CRTC rules that 20% of illegal torrents must be CanCon - The Beaverton

CRTC rules that 20% of illegal torrents must be CanCon

Ottawa – The Canadian Radio- and Telecommunications Commission has ruled that 20% of all content illegally downloaded must be produced in and have noticeable Canadian themes.

“For every Game of Thrones, Canadians will have to download , Corner Gas the Movie, soon to be released Corner Gas the Animated Series or whatever else is considered Canadian culture.” said chairman Ian Scott “It’s through quotas and easily circumventable rules that Canadian art flourishes.”

In addition to the new quotas internet providers will also be reducing bandwidth for non canadian downloads. For consumers this means that in the time it takes to download one episode of The Wire they will be able to download 2 seasons of Beachcombers.

“I think these rules are long overdue.” said Halifax resident Jacob Kyle. “How else can original Canadian productions such as The Great Canadian Baking Show, Masterchef Canada or Designated Survivor Canada flourish?”

Many Canadian artists have also expressed enthusiasm for the rules “I know that piracy takes away revenue that I need to live” said writer Connor Lau “but do you know how depressing it is to not even have people enjoy your even when it’s completely free?”

However the rules have not garnered a universally positive reception. “Are you sure isn’t a Canadian Show?” asked Abbotsford piracy enthusiast Karen Pakk.

At press time is seriously only like $7.99 a month. Come on man.