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Government waste! This social worker gets paid over $30,000 dollars a year

Everyone knows that government is just a bloated parasite that lives off the hard of citizens but ’ll never believe what they are doing now!

Jennifer Wright, a social worker with a masters in counselling who works with youth, is getting paid $30, 000 dollars a year. While many are barely affording mortgage payments on their two investment properties, the government continues to tax the wealthy just so they pay someone like Jennifer to work 50 plus hours a week helping the most vulnerable members of our society.

What is it that makes social workers think they should get paid so much ? All they do is talk to people, which I do everyday FOR FREE! Then they connect with the most vulnerable people, many of whom suffer from terrible trauma and mental illness and coach them through a maze of societal prejudices, complicated bureaucracies, emotional distress and inadequate resources until they are functioning participants in society. The is so easy and simple. People should get paid based on the value of their work. Those who turn ’s over abundance of affordable rental into much needed luxury condos should be paid 6 times as much as a social worker because their job is 6 times more important.

The sky high wage isn’t the only glamourous benefit Jennifer gets either. She also a benefits that gives her partial dental and 50% of the cost of her therapy (apparently working with homeless youth is ‘emotionally taxing and ‘mentally scarring’). One time she even got 2 hours off work to take her cat to the vet, and the cat didn’t even die!

You’d think with the whole $30,000 a year she rakes in Jennifer would have paid back the $20,000 she selfishly borrowed off the government to (is their anything to really learn about trauma counselling). But she has only paid back a fraction of the debt, apparently food and rent is more important than paying back the bank.

If this alarming trend continues what is next? Will the immigrants who looks after shitty for 60 hours a week get paid a living wage? If that happens how will hard working bankers and executives be able to afford Toronto Maple Leaf box seats or bengal tiger hunts?

As well as being economically unwise to compensate social workers fairly it is also intrinsically uncanadian. It is in the Canadian charter of human rights that caring for others is a weakness that should be punished by living below the poverty line. The only way someone in government should make decent money if a business person pays thousands of dollars to sit next to them at a liberal fundraiser.