Kathleen Wynne has to go, and that’s why I’m voting for—oh, oh no…

By Margaret Dyer

Enough is enough. ’s have shown that are completely unable to run this province. I’m tired of incompetence, of cronyism, and of corporations coming first. That’s why on June 7th of next year I’ll be voting for—oh. Oh…

Look, I know we’ve made a lot of great social strides in the last few years but social issues are only one side of governing. has done a lot recently to show in good faith that he— hmm, wait… in 2013 he still voted against amendments to make the Humans Rights Act more inclusive? Yeesh. Why would somebody ever…?

Well wait. Let me reconsider the . It’s been a long time since the Bob Rae days. I’ll vote for , who stands alone at the political… centre? No, wait, that was where she stood in 2011, I think… The centre-right maybe? Nope, that was 2014. Hmm.


Maybe I will just vote Lib—actually no, definitely not, because now I’m remembering eHealth, the gas plants, and now goddamn . God, these shitty Liberals.

You know, I guess 2018 is gonna be a spit in the bucket anyway. When I really think about it, it would probably take even the best possible leader at least 20 years to fix Ontario’s systemic economic problems and that even then they’d probably fuck it up and make potatoes cost $300 a bag or something like that.

So, what the hell. My name is Margaret Dyer, and on June 7th of next year I’ll be voting for the of Ontario, or something.

Jesus, I don’t know.


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