Trump’s Canadian dairy criticism forces federal government to declare CHEESECON 1

OTTAWA – US President Donald ’s threat of imposing sanctions against the Canadian dairy industry has caused the federal government to increase the threat to its highest level, CHEESECON 1/CONFROMAGE 1.

Bureaucrats and high ranking officials briefed the Prime Minister and Quebec’s Premier deep inside the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Operations Centre.

Agriculture Minister explained that all strategic reserves of ultra-filtered milk whey have been moved to a secure, tariff-proof bunker outside Oka, Quebec.

“We are concerned that radical elements within the Wisconsin cartel are pushing Trump into an all-out war with Canada,” MacAulay told reporters at an emergency press conference. “All options are on the table, but I have a direct line to [Acting Agriculture Secretary] Mike Young in Washington.”

200 tonnes of Canadian Brie, Bocconcini, Gouda, and Goat Feta have been positioned at the Canada-US border ready to be dumped into the US to deter any dairy-related aggression.

For their part, the Canadian Dairy Commission will begin screening all milk producing animals for any American influences to ensure the purity of Canadian cheeses.

Further escalating milk-based tensions between the two countries, the US Congressional cafeteria has changed its menu from ‘Canadian Cheddar’ to ‘Freedom Fromage.’