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Ezra Levant confident riled up, far-right mob won’t turn against Jews this time

CALGARY – Saying that as far as he knew it had never happened before, , the owner and presenter of the far-right Rebel Media, says he’s pretty sure his anti-immigrant, alt-right audience won’t turn on him when they find out he’s Jewish.

“Sure, my ‘us or them’ rhetoric is inflammatory,” said Levant, whose great-grandfather was a Jew who fled Russia. “But when has cultivating a pro-, nationalist agenda ever harmed the of ?”

Levant believes that by popularizing this highly exclusionary viewpoint, he can keep black people, Muslims, Romani, and Eritreans out, leaving the country safe for angry, armed crypto-fascists and also Jews.

“There’s no connection between falsely claiming that an entire religious group are dangerous enemies within and anti-Semitism,” said Levant, while editing his latest screed against Syrian refugees. “I , besides the Arabic-speaking Muslims that I hate, but they’re an entirely different kind of semite.”

Levant says he’s excited by the response he’s received across the country, adding that the eventual economic downfall of an ethnonationalist Canada would not lead to the enraged white majority scapegoating him and his religious group, since that has never happened before and, if it has, it certainly hasn’t happened over a dozen times in the last century.

“Yup, looks like it’s smooth sailing for the Jews and their perpetual allies: dumb, angry ,” said Levant, who is again, Jewish. “And even if things go south I’ll still be safe, because I don’t do anything that could easily be stereotyped as Jewish.”

“Now then, back to running my media empire where I create videos in which I repeatedly ask for