We asked some Australians to try these classic Canadian snack foods and they died, they all died - The Beaverton

We asked some Australians to try these classic Canadian snack foods and they died, they all died

We thought we’d have a bit of fun and get our friends from Down Under to try some of our favourite Canadian snacks. Unfortunately it went horribly, horribly awry.

1. Ketchup Chips

Sure it sounds weird but ketchup flavoured potato chips are a staple of Canadian junk food diets. We asked Jeremy and Martha from Canberra to try a bag and Jeremy said they were “kind of tart, like there’s vinegar in them. They burn my throat and make me feel a little dizzy. Wild!”

2. Donairs

Like a gyro but better! Martha had a bite and mentioned that it was too weird for her: “I didn’t really like the sauce. By the time I got to the end, my mouth tasted like a little. What do they put in these?”

3. Bagels

Sweet, dense, and much different than their fluffier cousins, Mike from Sydney tried one and had to stop half-way to catch his breath! I guess Australians can’t handle their…… Hey, Doug, he doesn’t look too good…… Can you call Alice in here to take a look at this guy……?

4. Poutine

Guys, Jeremy just started bleeding from his ears and mouth. He’s still conscious but he’s babbling something about the ketchup chips.

No put the poutine down and come in here, I’m serious.

5. Butter Tarts

Christ! Now Martha’s seizing up. What was in these things?!

No, shut down the cameras now and get a paramedic over here. I’m goddamn serious everyone. Frank, go check on Mike in the next room over.

6. All-Dressed Chips

Hold down his shoulders! Hold them down so I can shove this thing under his tongue. We’ve already lost Jeremy and I am NOT losing another one! Do you hear me ?!

7. Nanaimo Bars

Are you still doing tests in here Gary?! What the fuck are you doing?! We have an on our hands… did you let her eat that thing? Oh god no.

8. Maple Candies

Everyone understand the story? When they got here, they were already suffering from the skin lesions and hemorrhaging from their eyes. We tried to resuscitate them and there was nothing we could do. We….did not…. feed them… ANYTHING!

Burn the tapes. Burn the passports.

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