Amazing! This woman has no money but somehow counts as a Liberal Elite!

This is really inspiring! Even though she can barely afford rent, local woman Ella Levenstein is somehow considered part of a cultural elite that is stealing the country from everyday folks, who coincidentally have much more money and a higher vote-power index than her.

“Elite? I guess I have a certain amount of privilege that I try and be aware of,” said Levenstein, who has not been able to afford to see a dentist in five years. “But I wouldn’t call myself an-”

Wow. ‘Privilege?’ Listen to Ms. Downtown try and bamboozle us regular folks out of our hard-earned tax dollars with her ‘couldn’t-afford-to-finish-university’ doublethink.

“I’m sick of downtown elites like her calling the shots,” said ’s Josh Carmichael, 36, who owns property and a vehicle, and whose vote counts more because his riding has 25,000 fewer electors than the average one in .

Carmichael then slammed Levenstein for drinking lattes, instead of the drink of hard-working Real Canadians, coffee with milk.

And also, incidentally, for being Jewish.

Incredible. It just goes to show you that just because you have no money or power, doesn’t mean you can’t steal our country from the rest of us, probably through a .

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