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Elf on the Shelf kills family of three

MONCTON — Mere weeks after welcoming Jingle to their home Doug Betterman, his wife Shauna and their 7-year-old son Jayden were brutally slain by the . The bodies (and the elf) were found by local police the next day in what one officer described as a “kind of an adorable tableau.”

“It’s a hard thing to see,” said officer Stenson. “We found the elf sitting on the fireplace mantle with the murder weapon in hand. He looked pretty cheeky so we think he knows he did something weird”.

The “Elf on the Shelf” toys are a raging sensation; children ages 3 and up can ‘adopt’ a small elf that comes to life at night when everyone is asleep and freezes in action the moment it’s spotted.

“Sometimes, we wake up in the morning and our elf is doing something silly like sliding down the bannister!”, explained Jayden’s former classmate 6-year-old Sophia Curt, “But I guess Jayden’s elf is more grumpier and now his whole family is in the cemetery”.

When pressed further, Sophia added, “My elf’s name is Snowballz!”

Chandell Bell, creator of the popular Christmas toy stated, “Some elves are simply more mischievous than others. Merry Christmas to all and to all our condolences.”