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E3 Update: Sneak booze past customs, save taxes in hotly anticipated Call of Duty Free

LOS ANGELES – Adding to an already impressive lineup that includes “” and “,” video game giant Publishing, Inc. has announced “ Free,” a brand new hyper-realistic first-person shopper, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this afternoon.

“Our slate this year is built on innovation, creativity and quality, and Call of Duty Free embodies all three,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision. “Through groundbreaking, immersive gameplay across all platforms, it allows you to recreate the thrill of tactical pre-flight shopping in the comfort of your own home.”

The game consists of missions in over 500 realistically-rendered duty-free stores around the world where the player attempts to eliminate taxes by targeting items requested by a friend or family member, carefully transporting them onto a plane so that they don’t break, and finally slipping possible excesses past border agents.

Though its numerous side challenges, which include price matching, resisting the temptation to buy souvenirs, and being realistic about the cost-effectiveness of duty-free stores, the game teaches players that they have to do things they may not like in the line of Duty Free.

“I’ve been waiting for this game for decades,” said 38-year-old gamer and frugal family man Eli Stanton. “And they’re already thinking of a sequel: ‘Call of Duty: Covert Shops’!”

“What a time to be alive.”

By press time, rival publisher Electronic Arts had teased at an addition to their own lineup, “Need for Speed Dating,” in which players try to woo each other on the tarmac of some of the world’s most elite high-speed race courses.