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Bernie Sanders supporters furious that cat food commercial fails to mention Bernie Sanders

Supporters of democratic presidential candidate have declared all-out online warfare against One Smartblend cat food after their new commercial “utterly neglected” to make any mention of the candidate.

“@Purina #shilling for Hillary #Bitchgazi Clinton, last time I checked cat food was supposed to be objective #FeelTheBern #RIPCatFood” read one tweet directed at the company. “Zero mention of #Bernie in new @Purina ad! Yes, because cat food should support establishment crooks like “Shillary instead. Oh wait… #boycott” tweeted another Sanders booster at his wife who had just returned from .

The 15 second television spot – which focuses exclusively on the dietary benefits of protein-rich cat food, while making virtually no mention of the Vermont Senator’s plan to create a government for working class Americans, rather than just the billionaire class – has sparked a delirious rage among his supporters, who see the ad as a clear endorsement of Sanders’ opponent in the primaries, former Secretary of State .

Sander’s diehard backers have developed a reputation for responding angrily to those who fail to portray Sanders in a positive light, or at all. Their response to the ad has been similar to criticism of previous media outlets that have ignored Bernie, including , , the WUTV Buffalo 5 Day Forecast, , the playlist in an Iowa , the animated film Norm of the North, , and one scathingly Sanders-free birth announcement for a baby girl in a Nevada newspaper.

Over 15,000 other angry messages – all containing one or both of the phrases “last time I checked” and “yes, because… oh wait” – have been sent to the pet food company.

“People think we’re reacting too harshly and damaging our candidate’s image,” said Sanders backer Bradley Reed, “but what’s more important, our candidate’s image or letting people know that if you support a cat food that isn’t willing to mention him extensively in their advertising, you’re basically a war criminal?” he added, saying the words “war criminal” much louder to make sure a passing cat heard them.

In an official statement from the Sanders campaign, Senator Sanders responded “What, cause I wasn’t on the thing, the cat thing? And then they all got on the computers and did what? Oh brother. This, I do not need.”