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Game of Thrones to raise revenue with product integration

LONDON — In the wake of discussions about how the popular fantasy saga can maintain profitability as more and more viewers choose to illegally download rather than pay to view the show, the producers have announced that they will begin generating revenue by integrating products from various sponsors including , Travelocity, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

“Let’s face it,” said executive producer D. B. Weiss, “Game of Thrones is an incredibly expensive show, a massive percentage of whose viewers aren’t willing to pay to access it. But then I thought, wait, they are willing to pay to access Cool Ranch Doritos, so maybe we have a way to make this work.”

Despite some logistical challenges, GOT’s writers are working on integrating contemporary brands into the show’s medieval setting. “Product placement isn’t something we want viewers to notice or detract from their enjoyment of the show in any way,” said showrunner David Benioff. “So we’ve tried to incorporate products in ways that help build the world of the story and make sense in the context of the scene. For instance, when Daenerys and her counselors are gathering for a meeting before they sack a desert city, how are they going to make their coffee? They’d probably use small disposable pods that are lightweight and require little preparation, and coffee pods are all of those things…so yeah, this kind of writes itself.”

When asked about the possible anachronism of an electric appliance’s presence in a pre-industrial desert community, Benioff responded, ”You know what, this is a show where a major plot device is a little boy being able to control super-wolves with his mind, so do you maybe want to start with questions about that?”

Other notable instances of product integration this season include Brienne of Tarth teaching her new squire how to use a ginsu knife, Sansa telling Lysa she only dates guys who drink Miller Genuine Mead, and the Small Council taking advantage of FaceTime to communicate with a team member working remotely from Dragonstone.

“We’re planning on incorporating some subtle brand images that make sense with the art direction we already have.” Benioff added. “Dragons are like the fastest and most powerful technology available in the universe of the show, so including the Delta Airlines logos on their haunches both enhances their look and makes their thematic significance more relatable to our audience.”

“Look, ultimately, the goal is to bring quality that evokes laughter, tears, and sincere reflection from an audience completely unwilling to reimburse its creators in any way. And hey, have you tried Mott’s Clamato Juice? It’s easily produced with ingredients available in King’s Landing, and it’s honestly not that bad.”