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True-Crime Podcaster is a little too excited that friend is missing

Hamilton, Ontario – Friends and family are asking for any information about the disappearance of Thomas McQuade, no one more so than acquaintance and true crime podcaster, Leigh Hallwood.

“Anything anyone can tell us would be greatly appreciated,” wrote Hallwood to her “Murder Me, Daddy” podcast’s four thousand Twitter followers, adding: “Especially if you know any of Thom’s darkest secrets or if you have any information that would be juicy enough to tease as a cliffhanger.”

McQuade’s Mother, Janice, issued a statement “We’re very worried about Thomas, if you see him please let us know. We are very worried, especially as Leigh has been asking us if he had dealt with any childhood brain trauma, molestation or if he has unrepented guilt from having murdered anyone.” Added Janice: “We didn’t realize that any of this could be an issue.”

“As soon as people were saying that they couldn’t get a hold of him, I started ripping audio off of any old video I could find of Tom,” Hallwood said. “You know, in case they wanted to identify him based on his voice, or him singing a karaoke version of Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff.”

“I would love to honor him by doing a three to five episode deep dive into things he may or may not have done,” wrote Hallwood on her Kickstarter page where the 100 dollar donation tier promised “an exclusive episode where I’d speculate wildly and irresponsibly with special guests from the local comedy community and also Paul F. Tompkins.”

“Whatever happens I just want to help to get the word out and get him home,” says Hallwood. “But until then I’ll honour him because I know that he was passionate about”