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O’Toole: There is no ‘I’ in Conservatve Party

OTAWA — Leader Erin O’ Toole was put on the defensive this week after campaign materials containing numerous spelling errors found their way to the public.

Repeatedly denying any errors made on their part, O’Toole explained the reasoning behind the strange literature in an email to reporters.

“We din’t make any mistaks. The pamplets were a cleer message to Canaadians that the Conversitative party gets results, no matter how slapdash or sloppy they might be. Cananandians don’t need big gubernment telling them what vowels or lettrs they need too use too get the pont across.”

-long Conservative voter, Duke Wallace, was one of the few online commenters that defended party’s possible blunder “So what if there’s no ‘I’ in Conservatve party? There’s no ‘I’ in team either but do you know where there are two ‘I’s, Immigrants. Checkmate”

Briefly positing that vowels were a wholly Liberal concept, and that the idea that Y was sometimes a vowel just “reeked of ’s flip-flopping”, O’Toole continued to rationalize.

“As for ant-corrupton that one isn’t even an error. The Compservative party firmly maintans that no matter who you’re ’s sister is, she can’t be corrupt. That’s just good policy”

When asked if anyone at the CPC headquarter had bothered to proofread the door hangers before they were mailed to the homes of hundreds of Canadians, O’Toole firmly defended his party’s actions.

“Of corps we do! We typet it all into the spel checker and it was pefrect as always! Obviously, we ignored all the red squigiggly lines because again red is a Liberral colour and they are out to get us. ”

“Looke! They we’re good flyers and if the press don’t agree maybe you should be like the letter ‘G’ in the word Rgeporter. Silent.”