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Inspirational Quote a day Calendar way too bossy

LETHBRIDGE, AB – The Inspirational Quote-A-Day calendar adorning the desk of Sharon Wilson is way too bossy. What started out as a fun way to start the day is now a demanding drill sergeant trying to control their life.

The desk calendar was a late night impulse buy at the beginning of January when Wilson was looking to inject more positivity into their everyday life after their daily trivia question calendar was too much of a smart ass. “I thought it would motivate me to live my best life and to always look on the bright side,” said Wilson. “Now it’s trying to boss me around everyday. The other week, I missed my alarm, spilt coffee on myself and then the car wouldn’t start and this calendar had the audacity to tell me to ‘Make This A Great Day!’ It’s like it thinks it’s better than me.”

Wilson recalled other times when the calendar acted like it was the boss of them. Such as the time, it told them to “Laugh Loudly” on the day her grandmother passed away, or the time, it said “Tidy House, Tidy Life” just after Wilson moved and everything was chaos and boxes. “I was going to chuck it out but on that day was the Russell Simmons quote ‘There are no failures, only quitters’ so I kept the know-it-all on my desk.”

Wilson wishes the calendar would have more practical daily quotes. Lesser known quotes such as “Cardio everyday is hard” by Muhammad Ali or “Vegetables taste like dirt so eat double dessert” from Moby would make the calendar a more realistic way to start the day thinks Wilson.

Wilson hasn’t been the only customer to complain, said a representative for Page-A-Day calendars.

“The truth is a lot of people underestimate the commitment necessary to flip a calendar everyday and read something new or inspiring.” said Steven Gagne, Director of Marketing. “Even our calendar designers find it exhausting to find 365 things that inspire gratitude or 365 The Office quotes that guarantee a laugh.”

At press time, the Inspirational Quote-A-Day calendar is sitting smugly on Wilson’s desk as they pine over the joy their co-worker Jeff is experiencing from his Kitten Photo-A-Day calendar.